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Welcome To The Northwest Corner!
We’re a little biased about the Northwest corner of Lake Norman because that’s where we call home. Up until just a couple years ago, Lake Norman’s west side was considered too remote and rural for many of our clients (and even us) as they (we) preferred to be closer to a more robust selection of shopping and dining options. However, the sleepy farm country of the past is quickly being replaced by excellent waterfront opportunities and a thriving small business community.
The Quiet Corner.  Our Bias.  AKA "Catawba of Lake Norman"

The northwest corner of the lake is primarily in Catawba County which is home to waterfront addresses of Sherrills Ford and Terrell. Yes, the northern side of Lincoln County and Denver also stretch into this quadrant, but most people consider this area Sherrills Ford. Waterfront properties around here tend to come with a little more land, but you’ll also notice tall Carolina pine trees and varying elevations. We see homes sitting high above the lake offering majestic views of their surrounding communities, as well as homes in between corn fields and large wooded areas. Multi-million-dollar properties sitting next to mobile homes is more common in this Northwest corner, but that’s changing as more people are moving to the region and building modern lake homes. You’ll get more of a mountain lake vibe around here…which contrasts with the south end’s coastal feel.

Landing Restaurant Sherrills Ford.jpg
Catawba County Mountain Creek Park
Sherrills Ford Library

There is a buzz about Sherrills Ford and the northwest corner of the lake these days and I guess that’s one of our favorite parts of living here…the excitement of what’s next.  We’ve heard good things about the local public schools, but overcrowding may become an issue as time goes on. Oh, and both Catawba and Lincoln Counties offer the lowest property tax rates on Lake Norman!

Linebergers Steakhouse Lake Norman

The main subject of conversations concerning Sherrills Ford typically center around the Villages of Sherrills Ford. A new development located on Highway 150 featuring hundreds of future housing sites, a major grocery store, dental and medical facilities, and several new restaurants. But there’s also a lot going outside of this new development to include the Sherrills Ford Public Library, the new Mountain Creek Park, Boss Hogg’s BBQ restaurant, Butcher Boy Café, Firehouse Pizza, the ever-popular Lineberger’s Steakhouse (in business since 1971), the Landing Restaurant and Tiki Bar on Lake Norman, Lake Norman Marina, the Boat Rack Marina, Horsefeathers Roadhouse and more!

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