Welcome To The Lake Norman Life!
Have you ever lived in a place you loved so much you felt compelled to share it with anyone who would listen?  Well, after spending 24 years of being “voluntold” where to live by the Air Force, we finally got to choose our own place to call home. And so, as you can probably tell, we chose Lake Norman and couldn’t be happier! We’re so excited about our hometown that we felt compelled to share what life is like around here with the tens of hundreds that stumble upon our site. So, get your flip-flops on, grab a cold beverage and let’s explore what Lake Norman has to offer!
Who We Are -  What We Do - And Why We Created This Site for You.
Lake Norman

We are Chris & Dana Pape. As real estate agents who live on Lake Norman and specialize in waterfront homes it’s our job to know and share, the great, the good and the bad. We also love to boat, eat out, visit local festivals, shop at locally owned businesses, and participate in local organizations working hard to make Lake Norman one of the best places to live or visit in North Carolina. Talking about our experiences with anyone who will listen is what we do, so most everything you see on this site is based on opinions derived from our own experiences and backed up by research we’ve done to help clients relocating to Lake Norman. You may think of this site as one big “Factpinion!” (For more about us, click here) So if you’re interested in learning more about life on Lake Norman from a couple of local nerds, you’ve come to the right place.

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