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A Guide to Living on Lake Norman
Who We Are -  What We Do - And Why We Created This Site for You.
Lake Norman

Have you ever lived in a place you loved so much you felt compelled to share it with anyone who would listen? We are Chris & Dana Pape of Papemore Real Estate, and after 20+ years of moving around the nation as a military family we decided to make Lake Norman our forever home. And we absolutely LOVE it!


However, one challenge we found during our relocation to Lake Norman was the lack of consolidated information. As first-time visitors to the area, some simple maps and pretty photos of the lake were all we had.  We were overwhelmed trying to navigate the entire 520 miles of shoreline and several towns and communities around Lake Norman. And that's how We Love Lake Norman was born.

Since talking about our experiences with anyone who will listen is pretty much what we do anyway – probably ad nauseum - we ditched the more traditional “property-focused" real estate website and created this…a comprehensive guide of what it's like to live around Lake Norman.  Most everything you see on this site is based on our factpinions. (Factpinion: [fakt-pin-yuhn] noun 1. Opinions derived from our own experiences backed up by research.) We’ve been using such factpinions to help clients relocating to Lake Norman for years, and we’re positive you’ve developed your own over the years too.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about life on Lake Norman from a couple of local nerds, you’ve come to the right place.  Now, go get your flip-flops on, grab a cold beverage and let’s explore what Lake Norman has to offer!

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WHY WE        LKN
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